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Sakurambo's Urusei Yatsura Fanfiction Archive

Urusei Yatsura has always had a loyal following. Many and new and old fans alike have been inspired enough by the characters and situations created by Rumiko Takahashi in UY that it prompted them to write their own versions of the series in the form of fanfiction. Some writers take Takahashi's intentions to heart and try to follow her formula for storytelling to the letter, many others will completely change it to their own variation of Urusei Yatsura in a way that suits their tastes and styles. But regardless of their style of writing, all of these writers should be commended for putting so much effort into their works.

All of my files are in standard TXT format and have been categorized according to type and subject matter. Also, if you want to use word-processing programs (as opposed to ASCII editors) to view these files, you might want to try Karsten Sethre's Reflow utility. Reflow rewrites TXT files so that word processors can wrap them to fit the user's screen, making the stories a tad easier to read.

Short Stories

An interesting doll...

  • Earth Customs - Edward Murto
    An Oni girl will do practically anything for the object of her affection. So when Megane tells Sugoi that she must complete her education prior to their marriage, she does just that. But it takes a lot less time than Megane had in mind!
  • A Mother's Wish - Scott Jamison
    She wanted a girl, but she got Ataru. Cursing her mistake, Mrs. Moroboshi endured... until she beheld the Wishing Star!
  • Hammer to Fall - Sean Gaffney
    In this time-spanning UY/Ranma story, we find out how Akane learned to use those hammers.
  • The Toils of Kintaro - Lanin D. Thomasma
    Robbing passersby at axepoint wasn't what Kintaro had in mind for a career. So in hopes of finding a role model he decides to study Earth's greatest heroes. And he needs someone to help carry the books...
  • Papa - Paul Lepant
    Children do not forget their parents, as this tale goes to show.

  • My So Called LUM... - Gretton
    A story that collides UY and Clueless, resulting in a viewpoint that is unique among our many examinations of Lum's universe.
  • Duel Distress - Henry J. Cobb
    In this follow-up to Episode #21, Lum and Shinobu find that the solution to Ataru's duality may work for an entirely different problem...
  • Lum's Deadline - Ryan Matthews
    When Lum learns that she must consummate her marriage with Ataru or be forced to remarry, all of Tomobiki is dragged into her seductive assault!
  • Sandman: Dream a little Dream with Me - Christian Gadeken
    Awakening to a world where she left after the First Tag Race, Lum must search the farthest ends of the Dreamscape to discover exactly what has altered her world.
  • I Believe them Bones are Me - David Tai
    After their latest fight liquifies Ataru's skeleton, Lum must find him suitible replacement before time runs out.
  • Benten's Stormtrooper - Jared C. Lewis
    When Benten transfers to Tomobiki High, Perm abandons the Stormtroopers in favor of a more worthy target: Benten herself!
  • Lum for OS/2 Warp - Serdar Yegulalp
    Grasping at straws, IBM makes one last attempt to save its drowning system--a 5,000,000 endorsement from Lum!
    Also in this file: Who's What In Urusei Operating Systems.
  • Just A Dream? - Lewis Burden
    For over two hundred episodes, six movies, and many OVA's we watched the adventures of the Earth boy Ataru Moroboshi and Lum, the alien girl who moved in with him. Their adventures together broke the rules of reality with a vengeance, and forced the viewer to accept the outlandish as commonplace. But what if... What if all that was just a series of dreams shared by these two people of very different worlds?
  • Still Dreaming - Lewis Burden
    (Sequel to Just A Dream, compiled version.)
    Since the beginning of civilization there have been the secret societies: Vast networks of influence that manipulate us as if we were puppets on a string. But when the most powerful of these sets its sights on Lum's death and the fall of the Redet Empire, Ten must find a way to uproot the evil before it becomes too late.
  • Goes to Hell - Lewis Burden
    When Sakura botches a love spell, the entire cast is plunged into Hell! Will Shinobu marry Hades? Will the gang defeat the Demons of the Netherworld and recover their souls?
  • 'I Took the One Less Travelled By...' - Richard Suzuki
    It's Ryunosuke's birthday, but she's not very happy about it. Trying to cheer her up, Shinobu asks Inaba to help answer a long standing question: what would it have been like if Ryunosuke had been raised as a girl?
  • Star Trek: Yatsura 1/2 - Victor W. Wong
    Stuff Lum, Ranma, and Sisko in a blender, and you've got a royally weird adventure. In the wake of the Klingon takeover of Cardassian space, our merged casts investigate the House of the Rose.
  • Nucleic Inversion - Kris Edward Warren
    It's often said that you can never really understand another person's point of view until you've stood in their shoes. And when Ran's science project explodes in Lum and Ataru's faces, they do just that!
  • Ataru's Harem - Jeff Judkins
    Ataru ordered a nice small harem where he would be free to persue his hentai desires in peace and comfort. The evil spirits, daily bazooka battles, and man-eating polar bears came free of charge.
  • Superheroes of Tomobiki - Jeff Judkins
    Due to the unexpected side effect of edible alien cookies, three new heroes emerge to shove justice down the throat of the city.
  • A Turn of Affairs - Ryan
    It's a question we've all asked ourselves: What would happen if Ataru suddenly came to his senses? This story explores one possible answer.
  • Kaze no Tani no Lum - Eric Kouba
    UY and Nausicaa of the Valley Wind, fed to the Cherry worms.
  • Fushigi Yatsura - Kotatsu Neko
    The ancient tome of archane magic had both a sense of humor and a sense of duty. And it was the influence of both that led it to its latest prey. Pity it didn't see all the mallets, bazookas and tiger-cows that were standing behind it.
  • "Lum" - Ryan Matthews
    A general summary of UY's plot, sung to the tune of "Lump" by The Presidents of the United States of America.
  • "Black Curtains" - Darksphere
    Not everybody liked the Obnoxious Aliens dub. These lyrics lament its faults as percieved by the author, sung to the tune of the same name by Megadeth.
Lemon Fanifcs

These stories feature explicit sex scenes, so if you're the kind of person who finds that offensive, please don't download them.
  • Strange Dreams - Lee Ginther
    Lum has waited a long time, but her patience is finite. Can Ataru sleep through THIS?
  • The Seduction of Ataru - Inaba J.
    When Lum starts taking seduction lessons from Ukyou, it doesn't take long for things to get out of hand, or into them, for that matter. A heavy-grade, multicrossover Lemon that makes little sense.
  • The Prince and the Lecher - Shadow Stalker
    (Revised version of The Kidnapping, by Shutaro Mendou)
    Lum is kidnapped and held for ransom, and it doesn't take long for Ataru to go ballistic. But the events surrounding Lum's rescue are not what you might expect.
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