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Dance! Dance! Dance!
Sak's UY Fanfic Archive:

I freely acknowledge that without the contributions and assistance that I have recieved from various parties, this page would not be possible. So I'd like to take a moment to thank a few of them.

Mason Proulx
Sempai, friend, and web designer.
Best of luck, wherever you may be.

Nashimoto Atsushi
Good luck in college!

AnimEigo, Inc.
Keep up the good work. ^_^

The Spanish Wolfhat
Email is a Great Goodness.

Dave Baranyi
Tomorrow Never Dies

Jessica McCollum
"Even in the Future nothing works!" (5 points)

Scott Wiley
Otaku uber allies!

Karsten Sethre
See you on the Ring.

Ben Follis
Got Tape?

Hoonto ni, arigato gozaimashita.

Tina DeGraw
Ranma no baka!!

Stan McCaslin
Have counter, will tally.

Bill Gates
Okay, okay, OKAY!! I fixed the word "advertising!"
Why do you torment me?!

And all the fanfic authors...

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