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Sak's UY Fanfic Archive:
Area 1/2

We all know that there's a lot of Ranma fanfiction out there. So much, in fact, that you could spend ages wandering around before you found anything worthwhile. Why waste all that time if you don't have to? Here at Area 1/2 we waste time for you, hunting down enjoyable side-stories and cleaning their files if necessary. You'll never have to hunt again! (Well... at least not until you finish eating our stock, anyway.)

  • Kunou's Excellent Adventure - John Biles
    A choose your own adventure! You control the Horizontal! You control the Vertical! You control the biggest clod in Nerima as he tries to beat Ranma up with a stick!

Short Stories
  • A Fate Worse Than... - Susan Doenime
    If you can't push, pull. Genma and Soun finally figure out the flaw in their previous schemes to wed Ranma and Akane.
  • Yuuki - Joseph Palmer
    When you open a shop in Nerima, there are certain rules you simply must follow. Be mindful of these rules, for the consequences of breaking them can be severe.
  • Hammer to Fall - Sean Gaffney
    In this time-spanning UY/Ranma story, we find out how Akane learned to use those hammers.
  • Little Girl Lost - Jaelle
    Ryoga's desperation to attend a festival and Ucchan's reluctance refresh long-forgotten memories.
  • Blackmail - Paul Gallegos
    When Nabiki's black book of financial secrets falls into the wrong hands, she finds herself held capitve with her own sword.
  • Shampoo's Quest - John Biles
    You have desire to marry Ranma. You also have no brain. Will you trudge around looking for tornadoes and chugging Coca-cola, or stay and let Mousse glomp you?
  • Not Fair - Scott K. Jamison
    Falling into the Spring of Drowned Girl forced Ranma to accept a new side of himself and come to terms with the reality of his situation -- a very adult attitude. But what if Ranma had fallen into the Spring of Drowned LITTLE Girl?
  • The Ends - Stefan Gagne
    The cycle just keeps repeating itself over and over again. Where will it all end? Do we really want to know?
  • Nabiki and Kunou - Hurtle Hamster
    We always knew that Nabiki and Kunou were meant for each other. Now we know why.
  • A Sick Fic - Aaron Shattuck
    The name says it all -- This is probably the most diseased piece of futurefic I've ever read. But it's funny anyway.
  • Life's Dulse Moments - Leslie Mills
    Warning: Puns can be harmful if swallowed in large quantities. Just to be safe, avoid the seaweed, too.
  • Star Trek: Yatsura 1/2 - Victor W. Wong
    Stuff Lum, Ranma, and Sisko in a blender, and you've got a royally weird adventure. In the wake of the Klingon takeover of Cardassian space, our merged casts investigate the House of the Rose.
  • Catling Rivalry - Brian Stricklin
    Visiting Nerima on business with Nuku Nuku in tow, Akiko Natsume finds herself taking a fresh look at her relationship with her "niece". Happosai just wishes he didn't look so mouselike.
  • The Seduction of Ataru - Inaba J.
    When Lum starts taking seduction lessons from Ukyou, it doesn't take long for things to get out of hand, or into them, for that matter. A heavy-grade, multicrossover Lemon that makes little sense.
See Also
  • TASS.ORG's rec.arts.anime.crative Mirror
    Or, more precisely, their RAAC Ranma Archive. This place is unbelievably huge, in that they collect absolutely EVERY Ranma fanfic posted to the newsgroup. So quite naturally, finding good material in there can be quite a challenge. They've got some good stuff, but it's not unlike digging for gold in a coal mine.
    Good luck... you'll need it.
  • Daigakusei no Ranma / Daigakusei no Ukyou
    Probably the only continuity fanfic series I've ever liked, DNR/DNU continues the story of Ranma and the gang in college after Ranma and Akane finally tie the knot. A collaberative work by some of the best names in anime fanfiction, this site is definitely worth a look.

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