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Other Junk That Sak Did

It's not as though I spend all my time working on this page. Here are links to some of the other products of my perpetual boredom:

The Urusei Yatsura Movie Page
Some of my earliest work can be found on this site. I wrote plot summaries for most of the films and assembled a set of Liner Notes for Movie 2.

Grave of the Forwards
In the tradition of Huh.txt! You know all those funny emails that get sent around the net for years and years? Where do they go when they finally die? The answer is here.

Soul Brokerage For Fun And Profit
Now horridly out of date, this was a quick investigation I did into the business of souls being sold via online auctions.

The Text File that Makes No Sense
This is a random collection of quotes I've encountered that make either too much sense or none at all. You never know what people will say next...

Creon and Antigone: A 7-Minute Adaptation
Originally written for my high school Greek History class, now homeless. Here is the mangled story of Creon, the overfat egocentric monarch, and Antigone, the brave woman who challenged him. Quite naturally, Antigone dies.

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