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Sak's UY Fanfic Archive:
Sak's Info

The story of simple monk... with fanatical tendancies.

Joshua M. Steadman (Sakurambo) was originally introduced to UY via the now infamous Obnoxious Aliens dub when Best Buy misshelved it in the "Star Trek" section. He began serious collecting shortly thereafter, seeking any and all Lum paraphernalia he could find. Sak's UY Fanfic Archive (originally a subpage of Mason Proulx's site Tomobiki-cho) was his first online project, and has paved the way for many of his current activities.

Sak enjoys reading, anime, drama, computers, studying Japanese, cats, and arguing philosophy with small animals. When he isn't wasting valuable time at the keyboard he can often be found at at the local coffee bar, ever in search of The Perfect Mocha. Currently in exile, he is rumored to be wandering somewhere in Nebraska.

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