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Hi, my name's Sak and I love email. I can send any message to anyone anywhere instantly. But while I tend to confine my messages to personal friends, some writers, humorists, and regular people with Messages like to use it to spread their writings across the globe. It's not always intentional; it often occurs that the original recipient of an email likes it so much that he sends it to all his friends, who send it to their friends, who in turn... etc.

These are called "forwards", and they can be a serious problem. Sometimes a forward is so popular that it keeps getting sent from connection to connection, never really fading out. I personally have recieved some forwards as many as four or five times repeatedly. They were fun the first time, but now they're getting pretty old and are well past retirement age, in my opinion.

So, where do all of these forwards go when they finally, FINALLY die? The answer is here. I have decided to collect amusing forewards that I recieve and post them on my web site. If you would like to forward me something you've recently enjoyed, feel free to do so. Please note, however, that once I recieve a forward it's not going anywhere. Also, due to the nature of such things I am occasionally usually unable to credit a forward's original author.

On a final note, if you forward me any material that is already posted on this page, your suffering will be legendary.

I did not write any of the material on this page. I do not take credit for any of the material on this page. I merely post what comes my way.

And that's it! Stay tuned for more... they never stop! >_<

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