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Here's some extra stuff I've found over the years that just doesn't fit anywhere else. This page doesn't actually exist, by the way. Mujaki must be playing a trick on you...

Japanese Commercial: Oniten Udon
An obviously UY-inspired udon commercial from 1996 that I found on an old videotape. A young man is sitting in his apartment, bemoaning his empty stomach, when an oni woman pops out of his closet and offers him instant noodles! There's just something about these fifteen-second ads that makes me watch them over and over again. This file uses DivX, so if you're not used to that sort of thing, you'll have to install a codec pack before watching the ad. [2MB]

Fan-made Postcard: Sugoi
An artist's interpretation of the fanfic-only character Sugoi.
Rei's sister, and Megane's just desserts.

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